Cypriot Pottery

A part of the Hellenic Museum’s permanent collection, the Mary and Peter Mitrakas collection of ancient Cypriot pottery contains artefacts from nearly 1500 years of Cypriot history.

Siren Song

Siren Song is an installation, which pays tribute to Homer’s Odyssey and to its timeless appeal. The exhibition spans over 2,500 years of culture featuring Greek vases from antiquity through to an artistic re-interpretation of Odysseus’ journey using contemporary sound and composition.


Gods, Myths & Mortals

The collaboration between the Hellenic Museum and the Benaki Museum brings 8,000 years of Greek civilisation to Melbourne. The collection includes: Neolithic pottery; Cycladic statues; Minoan figurines; Mycenaean jewelry; Hellenistic sculptures; Byzantine icons and manuscripts; Post Byzantine secular art and costumes; and Neo-Hellenic art and weaponry.

Our interactive companion tells you more about the collection! Interact with QR codes located throughout the exhibition with a QR code reader on any smart phone or tablet. If you don't have one already, you can use our Wi-Fi to download one for free - we recommend i-nigma. As you wind through the labyrinth of Gods, Myths & Mortals, scan the QR codes to engage with the pieces through our videos, image galleries and extra material. Don't forget your headphones!

On long-term loan from the Benaki Museum

ONEIROI – Bill Henson

Internationally acclaimed artist Bill Henson has created a new series of photographs titled ONEIROI as a permanent installation at the Hellenic Museum. Incorporating priceless treasures from the award-winning Benaki Museum Gods, Myths & Mortals exhibition, the ONEIROI series explores the impact of history, beauty, culture and art.

The Art of Adornment: Greek Jewellery of the 17th to 19th Centuries


The latest collection from the Benaki Museum to travel to Australia’s Hellenic Museum tells a tale of more than just the wearing of jewellery.  Opening Friday 26 August, 2016, The Art of Adornment: Greek Jewellery from the 17th to 19th Centuries features items that were said to bring the wearer good luck, enhance fertility, and ward of evil spirits for protection and prosperity.

The collection, that spans 400 years, features over 90 exquisite and intricate objects which highlight the artistry involved in jewellery making throughout this period as well as portraits in the gallery showing how these items were worn.