Heroes of the Past & Present

A collage of moments from Ancient Greek tragedy, paralleled with events of our times.

Running for a strictly limited season Stathis Grapsas directs a powerful exploration of heroism through time, honouring people and stories of courage from the past through to the present. Having been introduced to actor Alex Litsoudis (of Fusion Theatre Company) during the Greek film festival in 2014 Grapsas met up with Litsoudis and they brainstormed a possible collaboration with each other and another two members of Fusion Theatre Company, Andy McKinnon and Katrina Welsby. For full details on the cast and crew please go here.

‘Heroes of the Past & Presnet’ is a collage of moments in Ancient Greek Tragedy which are paralleled with events of our times. All three actors take on key moments in greek tragedy and then performa  parallel based on current events and people. The simularities are uncanny and demonstrates the harsh reality of how art and life together can become the key to a long overdue awakening within us.

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A hero can be defined as someone who goes beyond themselves or exceeds their supposed limitations for the benefit of others and/or to develop themselves further. This experience will remain with them and help them udnerstand themselves in perspective of the world they live in.

Apart from the material taken from the Greek tragedies and the current people referenced in the performance, all three actors can also be called heroes.

The Persian Messenger

The tragic poet Aeschylus described the loss of the Persian army with such empathy that he moved the Greek audience with the loss of the enemy.

Malala Yousafzai

There was a brief moment before Malala was shot by the Taliban. The strength and courage that she had to raise her hand can still be felt today.

Aylan Kurdi

Aylan was three years old when his body washed up on a Turkish shore. There had been many like him before and many more will follow. Will we ever learn?


When people reach a moment of total clarity and purpose, they are rarely understood by those around them.

Refugee reporter- Kebrat

The island of Lampedusa has seen many refugee trageies in their attempts to cross to Europe, Tehre is a distinct difference between reporting and surviving such a tragedy.


This soldier with a conscience tries to understand his symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in this mdoern day adaption.