Hatzigiannis gets sneak peek of Melbourne's latest antiquities collection

22 October 2014

Taking time off from his Australian tour yesterday, Michalis Hatzigiannis paid the Hellenic Museum a special visit to get a first glimpse of the Cypriot antiquities soon to join the Museum's permanent collection.

The famous Greek Cypriot pop star was in town for Saturday's Melbourne Festival show at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl, where a crowd of around 4,000 strong joined the artist, singing along to the popular songs that have made him one of Greece's darlings of the last decade.

Above, Hellenic Museum CEO John Tatoulis gives musician Michalis Hatzigiannis an after hours tour of Gods, Myths & Mortals from Athens' Benaki Museum.

During his visit, the artist received a sneak peek of the latest selection of antiquities soon to join the permanent collection. Sharing origins with Hatzigiannis, the collection originates from Cyprus, and is part of one of the largest private collections of Cypriot antiquities in the world.