Something for the kids

29 February 2016

Children are set to let their imaginations run free in the Hellenic Museum’s kids contemporary jewellery workshop. Led by jeweller Dr Nicole Polentas and Hellenic Museum curator Sarah Craig this workshop is an opportunity for kids to explore and create exciting new wearable art. 

“Art helps develop divergent thinking and enables children’s scenes to operate at their peak,” says Sarah Craig, Hellenic Museum curator.

Children will be given traditional and non-traditional materials to allow them to think creatively about art. Facilitated by Dr Polentas and Ms Craig, they will guide the children through this workshop, and show them different methods of jewellery making. But what materials they use, and how they choose to create their piece will be up to the participant.

“We hope to stimulate children’s creative thinking by providing a range of objects that are not traditionally associated with jewellery making,” says Ms Craig.

The two-hour workshop has been developed so all participants can come and go freely, and choose how long they want to stay. Each participant gets to take home the wearable art they created during their time at the workshop, and a new skill and appreciation for the creation of contemporary jewellery.

All attendees to the workshop are encouraged to visit the exhibitions Unclasped: Discovering Contemporary Greek Jewellery as well as the award-winning Gods, Myths & Mortals. Unclasped brings together and examines the practices of twenty-two artists of Greek descent currently working in Greece, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Cyprus and Australia.

Workshop fee is $20 and includes all materials for the day. Children need to be accompanied by an adult (included in ticket price).  

The kids contemporary jewellery workshop will be held on Saturday 5 March, 12pm to 2pm. Suitable for children 6+

Unclasped is presented as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival's 2016 Cultural Program Project Series presented by Buro 24/7 Australia #vamff