The glory that was Greece

03 May 2016

The Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne is holding a short course on Greek art and architecture presented by world-renowned architectural historian and former Chair of Classics at the University of Melbourne, Emeritus Professor Frank Sear.

This six week course traces the development of Greek art from its beginnings in the Dark Ages to the Classical perfection of the 5th century BC. It also looks at how Greek art changed in the 4th century BC and the radical transformations which occurred as a result of the conquests of Alexander the Great, which extended the Greek world over the whole eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. 

 Above: East pediment of the Parthenon, three female figures, c440BC, British Museum. 

Wednesday, 15 June 6.15–8.30pm 
The dawn of Greek civilization: The Dark Ages and the Geometric period (1100-700 BC) 

Wednesday, 22 June 6.15–8.30pm 
Striving after perfection: Black-figure pottery and archaic Greek sculpture (700-500 BC) 

Wednesday, 29 June 6.15–8.30pm 
Experiments in building: Greek Doric and Ionic architecture in the 7th and 6th centuries BC 

Wednesday, 6 July 6.15–8.30pm 
The mastery of form: Greek pottery and sculpture in the 5th century BC 

Wednesday, 13 July 6.15–8.30pm 
Athens in the Classical period: Sculpture and architecture in the 4th century BC 

Wednesday, 20 July 6.15–8.30pm 
The new Greek world after Alexander the Great: The Hellenistic period

$45 University of Melbourne Alumni, Staff and Students / $55 Non Alumni (per session)
$260 University of Melbourne Alumni, Staff and Students / $290 Non Alumni (series pass)

Read here for more information and how to register.