Lemnos-Gallipoli 1915: Women in War

11 June - 30 September 2015

To mark the ANZAC centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign/Battle of Çanakkale, the Hellenic Museum will present the Lemnos-Gallipoli 1915: Women in War exhibition, a part of the trans- national collaboration of artists from Australia, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus for the creation of contemporary artistic works that present a female perspective of a historical event that shaped Australian, European and world history.

By the end of the Great War more than 10 million were dead and almost 40 million badly wounded. For all those mentally or physically broken, for every loss, there were those who were left to grieve. For many women who experienced personal tragedy and hardship, the Gallipoli Campaign changed their lives forever. Regardless of nationality, women waited, worried, worked and grieved.

For some, the war offered an opportunity to serve. Women found ways to contribute to the war effort of their countries albeit within the limitations set on them by society: they raised funds, wrote letters, sent care parcels, knitted and waited for their men to return. But in almost all countries there was at least one way in which women could leave home and go to war: nursing.

Utilizing archival and original material, the exhibition provides the visitor with a sensory journey of the experience of women on both sides of the conflict, at the time of the campaign. Presented in an audio-visual installation format, incorporating techniques of 3D animation and projection mapping, it unfolds the story of the brave and determined women, who with courage and fortitude undertook the emotionally and physically challenging work to nurse the casualties of the campaign: in Gallipoli and in Lemnos.