It's a cook off - a Multicultural Museums Cook Off!

05 November 2015

The inaugural Multicultural Museums Cook Off 2015 is on this Sunday!

To celebrate, 774 ABC Melbourne's Sunday Mornings program presented by Libbi Gorr will broadcast from the Islamic Museum of Victoria from 10-12pm. Together with special, host of 774 Mornings Jon Faine the pair will cook-up something special for listeners.

A multicultural melting pot combining the museums Jewish, Hellenic, Museo Italiano and Islamic Museum of Australia competing against each other in a cook-off challenge, in the interests of promoting greater cultural harmony, deeper social understanding and totally awesome culinary delights!

How much a part does food play in the assimilation of our nation? Is there any greater way to promote harmony than to break bread at the same table. And the biggest question of all - is there any one way to make Hummus? or do all roads lead to chick pea?

Jon Faine has a special interest in all of the above and it was he who provided the inspiration behind this event. As Jon puts on his MC hat, Libbi will add her natural flair for compelling conversation and surprising entertainment, garnished with a splash of comedian Nazeem Hussain. 774 ABC Melbourne is sure to provide a Sunday Morning in the kitchen where things definitely get hot!

This live radio program will be broadcast on 774 Digital Radio and streamed online at (Cricket Grand\stand coverage from 10.30am in analogue), Sunday 8 November from 10am - 12noon.