MPavilion comes to Hellenic Museum

09 April 2015
MPavilion’s Hellenic home

The Hellenic Museum will become the new home of the inaugural MPavilion, said Lord Mayor Robert Doyle at an event held at the Museum last week.

The 2014 MPavilion – designed by award-winning architect Sean Godsell – incorporates elements of ancient Greek design as well as being inspired by iconic outback sheds and verandas. Its move to the Museum courtyard will add another cultural layer to the heritage-listed site, contrasting past with present, and Australian design with Greek architectural influences.

The addition of the MPavilion to the Museum will act as an inspiration for future arts programming.

“We want this space, and the MPavilion, to be accessible and open for all Melburnians. We want to provide a site that promotes the arts and culture and that the wider community can have ownership of and enjoy,” said Harry Stamoulis, chairman, Hellenic Museum.

Speaking at last week’s event, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, remarked on the parallels of the MPavilion as a modern interpretation of the hypostyle hall.

“The pavilion can be interpreted as a modern incarnation of ancient Greek structures, signifying a connection between historic and contemporary artistic expression.”

By housing the MPavilion at the Hellenic Museum, it provides yet another example of the direction that the Museum has recently been moving towards, as innovative programming and exhibitions promote Greek culture to a broader, more inclusive, audience.

Also announced at the event was 2015 MPavilion designer, award winning British architect Amanda Levete.

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Yianni Zaparas, Zaparas Lawyers; Harry Stamoulis, Chairman, Hellenic Museum; Dug Pomeroy, Executive Chairman, Pomeroy Pacific; and Kon Mantzis, Mantzis Family Trust

Valenti Stamoulis, Deputy Lord Mayor Susan Riley and Councillor Beverley Pinder-Mortimer

Minister for Creative Industries Martin Foley, Harry Stamoulis, Naomi Milgrom AO and Lord Mayor Robert Doyle

Sean Godsell and Naomi Milgrom AO