Summer Cinema sell out!

10 February 2016

It was a full house in the courtyard of the Hellenic Museum last Saturday night as we launched our Summer Cinema program for 2016.

Kicking off the program was the Rena Vlahopoulou classic ‘I Hartopaiktra’. Vlahopoulou proves on the silver screen why she is one the most famous comedic actresses in Greece.  

The weather gods were shining as people of all ages gathered to enjoy a great film, tasty Greek style BBQ and gorgeous Melbourne weather. With a double screen – a new feature to this year’s program – everyone found a comfortable spot for the night throughout the leafy courtyard of the Museum.

Psistaria offered the crowd delicious souvlaki, barbecued octopus, mezze plates and ancient grain salads, all accompanied with Greek drink specials including a Frappe martini! But the highlight were the Greek coffee choc top ice-creams that are available throughout the program.

This Saturday, the Museum will be screening ‘Lola’. This Greek noir classic tells the tale of Aris, played by Nikos Kourkoulos, returning to Piraeus after a three year prison stint to find out if Lola, played by Tzeni Karezi, who works at Stelios’ cabaret, was among the ones who betrayed him. Aris loves Lola but Stelios, who is also in love with her, assigns a thug to kill him. The film’s soundtrack by award winning composer Stavros Xarchakos is considered one of the classics of Greek cinema.

On Saturday 20 February, Cannes Film Festival winner and Oscar nominated ‘Electra’ will grace the big screens.  Directed by Michael Cacoyannis with a haunting score by Mikis Theodorakis, Irene Papas dominates in her award winning performance as Electra. A cinematic masterpiece of one of the most significant ancient Greek tragedies. When King Agamemnon is murdered by his wife Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus, Agamemnon’s daugher Electra and her brother Orestes plot their revenge.  Based on the play by Euripides. 

Closing night will feature Blonde bombshell and silver screen icon Aliki Vougiouklaki in this rags to riches tale ‘To Doloma (The Bait)’. Set on the island of Rhodes, a gambler hatches a cunning plan to use a pretty girl as ‘bait’ to swindle money off the wealthy. Enter cabaret dancer Kaiti (Vougiouklaki) who with his help, undergoes a transformation from cabaret dancer into a sultry, smooth talking femme fatale, with all the hoopla and humour expected from a Vougiouklaki film. 

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