Previous Exhibitions


Unclasped: Discovering Greek Contemporary Jewellery 

 An exhibition of contemporary jewellery objects, bringing together and examining the practices of twenty-two artists of Greek descent currently working in Greece, Germany, the United  Kingdom, the United States of America, Cyprus and Australia.


Lemnos-Gallipoli 1915: Women in War
11 June -12 August 2015

To mark the ANZAC centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign, the Hellenic Museum will present the audio-visual exhibition Lemnos-Gallipoli 1915: Women in War. Using 3D animation techniques, the exhibition explores the experience of women presenting the visitor with a sensory journey to the time of the campaign.

Through a Child's Eyes

An audio visual exhibition examining the lives of those who came to Australia as children during the period of mass assisted migration post 1952.


The Trendall Collection

A.D. (Dale) Trendall was a legendary figure and one of the foremost historians of Greek art of the 20th century. He was the principal authority on the red-figure vases produced in the Greek colonies and native areas of south Italy and Sicily during the 5th and 4th centuries BCE. The Hellenic Museum is proud to share samples of his private collection with the general public. 


Hellenic Immigration and Settlement

Australia was relatively unknown to the Greeks. During 1829 to 1974, 300,000 Greeks migrated and settled in this southern continent. Some of the earliest settlers were convicted of piracy against the British Navy, or were fortune hunters or gold diggers. Discover some of their stories and witness the significant contribution made to the great multicultural community, for which Australia is renowned.


Assisted Passage - a struggle for acceptance October 2012 - May 22, 2014

An exhibition examining the controversial events that led to the wave of Greek assisted migration post 1952.

Streets of Gold and Silver Screens February 17 - May 22, 2014

Coinciding with the Summer Cinema, this exhibition visualizes the role of cinema and film on identity. Including Greek film posters, film reels, and photography, the exhibition highlights the Greek Cinema circuit that operated in Australia in the 50s and 60s.


George Raftopoulos and Michelle Mantsio March 8 - April 25, 2014

George Raftopoulos' latest collection are at once both playful and insightful: in colour, form, and in question. Through altering the common portrait with elements that appear in opposition to each other, new harmonies develop, and continue to provoke the questions ‘who am I and what am I?’ Michelle Mantsio's work Brothers, Toumba is an installation that is based upon a series of interviews taken in late 2012 between 2 brothers in Greece as they discuss Greece’s current economic, cultural, emotional and ideological situation. 

Transformation - International Women's Day Exhibition by the Food for Thought Network March 8 - April 25, 2014

With participating artists: Anne Warren, Chistiana Fanaritis, Helen Sartinas (at left), Nikki Doudoulis, Dora Kitinas, Thalia Andrews and Tina Sideris. 


Between Worlds  9 July – 8 August 2013

Where does childhood begin and end? In Polixeni Papapetrou’s series, Between Worlds, children are portrayed as animals caught between the worlds of infancy and adulthood and animal and human. In Papapetrou’s work there is identification with the world of children that is rare and remarkable.



Memories of Home May 30- June 29 2012 

Takis Moraitis hails from Cephalonia and Milos, but lives and works in Piraeus since 1969. The Ionian Islands and Cyclades form much of his landscape subjects, where he pays special attention to the pure blue of the Mediterranean sky, the bright sunlight and the white buildings. His is a distinctive style, color, and light fusing in a dramatic evocation of these romantic settings.

Sounds of the Muse April-July 2011

Victorian Minister for Multicultural Affairs Nicholas Kotsiras launched the exhibition stating "I think this exhibition is very relevant, because it opens doors to other cultures and other conditions and history and what better way to learn about Hellenic history than through this exhibition." In Ancient Greece, music was considered the gift of the Muses, which identified and characterized how one acts, thinks and feels. Music, in Ancient Greece, was not only considered a part of the arts, but instead attached to education and power.


The Hellenic Museum was delighted to be able to share the wonderful private collections of Mary & Peter Mitrakas and Dean Kalymnios, through the vision of our curator, Peter Minard. The exhibition provided visitors the opportunity to explore Hellenic history, culture and the arts where the public could explore legacy and influence from antiquity to the modern day.


XAOS 24 March – 9 April 2010

An exhibition by emerging artists; Nicole Polentas, Elli Ioannou and Christiana Livaditis. Chaos was the nothingness from which all else sprang in Greek Mythology. Mediums presented included jewellery, photography and fashion.


Athenian Democracy 19 March - 30 June 2009

Athenian Democracy - speaking through its inscriptions was designed to offer the general public an opportunity to become acquainted with the constitution and function of the first and most genuine democracy in the world, the Athenian Democracy, through documents recorded on stone.


Fassianos 24 November 2011

Fassianos' work combines ancient myth with modern situations. His work is filled with heroic characters and intellectual allegory set amongst everyday life. They recall a folk memory of a mythological past and add a heroic edge to the mundane truth of daily situations. In this way, Fassianos' work empowers both viewer and subject as demi-gods. 



Ambassadors of Contemporary Greek Art  20 January - 20 February 2009

The paintings in this exhibition represent the output of 26 leading Greek artists who were recognized and established in the last fifty years both in their country and in the international art scene. Among them are many true masters, leading teachers and young voices of the art of painting in Greece today. 


Journey on the Waves of History September 2011 – February 2012

For the first time in Melbourne an extremely important exhibition of miniature ships, which comprises of model Hellenic ships over the centuries which were deemed milestones in the development of navigation. The exhibits on display are the life work of Evangelos Grypiotis, a connoisseur and 'lover' or miniature ships.