Through a Child's Eyes

Through a Child's Eyes" is an audio-visual exhibition examining the lives of those who came to Australia as children during the period of mass assisted migration post 1952. By choosing 12 subjects representing different fields of endeavor including Education, Sport, Politics, the Arts, Medicine, Business and Law, the inter-active exhibition provides an insight into the struggles, dreams, aspirations and achievement s of these child migrants.  

Participants:  Mary Kostakidis, George Apostolidis, Ange Postecoglou, Greg Kaias, Nicholas Kotsiras, James Tatoulis, Mary Kalantzis, Nonda Katsalidis, Emilios Kyrou, Maria Vamvakinou, Olyvia Nikou and George Peponis.

Photographs supplied by George Peponis, Emilios Kyrou and Mary Kostakidis as part of the Through a Child’s Eyes exhibition 2013, Hellenic Museum Melbourne