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VCE Ancient History Workshop

A WOMAN'S WORLD: Gender, sexuality & status

This workshop is designed to encourage students to engage with the Hellenic Museum’s collections of ancient artefacts and modern art to interpret the role of women in ancient Greece, with a comparative focus on Athens and Sparta.

Students will be supported to develop their visual literacy and primary source analysis skills by  encountering, handling and interpreting artefacts such as original and replica pottery, jewellery, marble reliefs, contemporary graffiti art and hyper-realistic sculpture that reveal; 1) the realities and complexities of the role, status and rights of women in ancient society, 2) the varied experiences of men and women, 3) how women’s position in society changed or differed over time and place and 4) what women’s role was in shaping  the social realities in ancient society.

The workshop will open broader discussions about the ancient landscape of gender and sexuality to investigate women in the home, on the street, in mythology, in political and civic space, as part of economic processes and in the historical and archaeological record.

Students will be provided with handling artefacts, primary/secondary source text extracts and knowledge processing and visualisation tools to; decode artefacts and present arguments about the differing experiences of women in comparison to men in ancient society. Students will record content knowledge acquisition that they can use for essay practice writing in class.

Ideal for: Year 12 students (Unit 3-4 Ancient Histories Area of study 1 Greece: The political, social and economic elements of living in an ancient society)
Duration: 1.5 hours
Delivery: On-site at the Hellenic Museum

Classroom capacity: 25 students 

Cost: $16 per student