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Discover the long and rich history of ancient Greek jewellery and be inspired to create your very own unique pieces using polymer clay in this live hands-on workshop! 

Hosted and run by the Hellenic Museum, this workshop will explore the early beginnings of Greek jewellery in the distant Neolithic Period, following its development to the decadence of the Hellenistic age until the emerging Neo-Hellenic, while tracing age-old techniques, innovation and cultural continuity.


Our travel through time will be followed with a step-by-step guide on how to create your own jewellery made from polymer clay, whether it be beads, bangles or earrings.

This workshop is aimed at beginners and is a fun way to get creative at home! 

There are two options for this workshop - the workshop + kit includes enough supplies to create at least one piece or pair of jewellery, while the workshop option includes only the workshop (not the kit) and is ideal for those who wish to source their own materials.

The kit includes: 

- 80g of polymer clay*

- 60cm of clear bead thread

- 30cm ribbon

- One pair of earring hooks

- One pair of earring studs

- One pair of jump rings

- One bolt clasp

- PDF with steps and tips


*This is equal to approximately four individual pieces (and colours) of polymer clay. Please note that the colours included in the kit are chosen at random.

What to have on hand: 

- Non-serrated knife

- toothpicks and/or wooden skewers

- Rolling pin or roller

- Baking tray

- Baking paper

- Foil

- Superglue (optional)

- Pliers (optional) 

- Yourself!

Click the link below to register for the event.

Registration closes on September 20, 2020. 



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