VCE Art Workshop

ANATOMY OF A MUSEUM: Art Industry Contexts & Career Opportunities 

This unique workshop will introduce students to the museum and art gallery as a microcosm of the arts industry and as a site of aesthetic cultural encounters and discourse. Anatomy of a Museum will give VCE units 1-4 Art students and future arts industry workers deep insight into what an arts museum is, how museums and galleries originated and how they operate today. Your students will get to understand ‘back of house’ operations and what the roles of museum curating, education and marketing staff involve and how volunteers contribute to a dynamic cultural organisation.

The workshop will engage students in contemporary issues and discourse across essential arts industry topics that will encourage students to consider the socio-cultural, political and economic environment that art is produced and exhibited in. Topics discussed include:

  • The changing nature of the arts industry in an increasingly globalised and competitive world

  • The changing role of museums and galleries in relation to society

  • The relationship between artists and galleries

  • Funding and investment in museums

  • Developments in practices of display, interpretation, programming

  • Audience development around art objects.


This workshop will introduce students to the Hellenic Museum as a boutique museum and gallery with exciting international partnerships and local connections, including with the Benaki Museum of Athens and leading Australian contemporary photographer Bill Henson and Australian hyper-realist sculptor Sam Jinx. Students will become familiar with museum collections covering millennia of Hellenic cultural material from ancient artefacts to modern art and reflect on the place of the museum and it’s art objects in preserving and structuring memory, shaping cultural attitudes and creating a platform for arts appreciation and communication.

This immersive workshop and breadth of topics covered is designed to encourage students to see themselves within the arts industry, stimulate student’s studio process, inform technical practice and foster students’ development of National Employability skills through VCE Arts learning such as: Communication, Planning and organisation, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Self-Management, Initiative and enterprise, Technology and Learning.

Upon request this workshop can be broken down and delivered as a series of focused theme sessions: 1) Shaping the museum: museum arts roles and the changing role of museums 2) Practices of display, interpretation, programming and audience development 3) Funding an investment in museums and galleries.

Ideal for: VCE Art students | Year 7-10 Art students upon request
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes 
Delivery: On-site at the Hellenic Museum

Classroom capacity: 30 students

Cost: $16 per student