Primary School Workshop

ANCIENT OLYMPICS: Let the Games Begin

Faster – Higher – Stronger! In this action-packed workshop students will come face to face with the Hellenic Museum’s collection of rare Olympic torches from the 1936 Berlin Games to the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, 2016 Rio Olympics and more. Exploring artefacts, students will learn about the values, story and symbols of the ancient and modern Olympics and then test their strength by competing in a re-imagined ancient Pentathlon contest. Our contest will feature; a stadion race, wrestling (epic tug-of-war), long jump, javelin and discus throw. Experience the glory of the ancient games and a chance to be crowned with the victors’ olive wreath!

This workshop links with the following Victorian Curriculum F-10 Learning Areas and Capabilities:


Learning Areas: Health and Physical Education, History, Visual Arts, Design and Technologies, Civics and Citizenship, English

Capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Capability, Intercultural Capability, Personal and Social Capability
Ideal for: Grades 1 – 6
Duration: 1.5 hours
Delivery: On-site at the Hellenic Museum

Classroom capacity: 25-30 students

Cost: $16 per student