One of Greece's most beloved artists, Alekos Fassianos' works all but jump from the walls. The bright, bold structure of his works and his use of colour make these arresting images a must see.


Born in 1935 in Athens, Alekos Fassianos grew up near the ancient agora, next to the Byzantine cathedral of St. Paul. He studied the violin at the Athens Conservatory and later, painting at the School of Fine Arts in Athens under renowned artist Yiannis Moralis. In 1960, he gained a scholarship from the French government to study lithography at Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris.


Fassianos’ artistic style developed from abstract, and later expressionist painting, to his now signature style of flat, solid coloured silhouettes, which have made him one of the most easily recognised and beloved of contemporary Greek artists. He draws his subjects from Greek myths, Byzantine Icons and coins, Fayum portraits, the Shadow Theatre and the Greek cultural and geographical landscape.  



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