The Hellenic Museum education program aims to engage all learners and audiences in a rich learning culture, which spurs an active interface between people, cultures and the contemporary world. Our program aims to generate learning beyond traditional models of ‘educating’. This educational approach supports our long-term, holistic vision of cultural exploration, spanning antiquity to modern realities. Participants of the Hellenic Museum Education Program do not simply come to a museum or a classroom – they enter a new world of thinking and problem solving. A world where they can touch, wonder, question, make connections and consider different perspectives.

The Hellenic Museum Education Program aims to engage learners at every stage of their life journey, support public well-being through knowledge sharing and empower learners to become innovative participants in our city’s and the world’s increasingly knowledge-based economy. At the heart of our learning program is our mission to innovate learning experiences inspired by the wisdom, cultural knowledge and heritage of all epochs of Greek History that continue to define the Western world today.

The Hellenic Museum Education Program aims to position history and culture as a starting point for students to become 21st century citizens. The program draws directly on the cultural heritage of ancient Greece to create multidisciplinary education programming aligned with STEAM, the F - VCE Victorian Curriculum and local-global pedagogical innovation- to engage primary, secondary, tertiary and adult learners, and the teaching community in a life-long learning culture. Our program champions real world application of cultural knowledge to develop creative problem-solving skills, resilience, abstract and intercultural thinking in all of our learners.

At the Hellenic Museum, education is about more than just what students know or learn – it is about howstudents know and learn. Participants will be encouraged to question how and why historical knowledge or perspectives are constructed, in order to ask critical historical, political, cultural, economic, ideological and social questions that create a balanced investigation of the past. This core approach is based on the Socratic Method, a dialectical form of inquiry, that generates critical historical thinking by facilitating a learning environment where students answer, discuss, and ask challenging questions. In this way, the workshops aim to encourage students to be critical consumers of knowledge and to be aware and reflective about their own perspectives, assumptions, processes of understanding and learning. 

Through our educational service to the public, we hope to be a multicultural community resource and hub for contemporary discourse -inspired by ancient values that have stood the test of time. As a proud member of Multicultural Museums Victoria, the Hellenic Museum aims to introduce audiences to a multicultural world of learning where all voices are respected, and experimentation invited. Above all, our educational programs prioritise equal opportunity for all participants to explore in a safe and supportive environment.

As part of our online engagement program, we operate the Argonauts Club- a digital engagement, activity and education resource that brings together students, families and schools into a friendly and supportive network. The club aims to provide an adventurous cultural program that engages students with history, art, music, drama and science. Greek history (and the Argonauts myth) is a prominent feature of the club, however our purpose is to inspire curiosity in all forms of cultural knowledge and historical periods.

Be sure to drop anchor at the Argonauts Club, on our learn tab, and see what you will discover!  

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As we continue to grow our education program and explore Hellenic frontiers, we invite you to join us on this life-long journey of discovery!



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