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The Making of National Heroes, The Making of a Nation – Guided Tour

The Greek War of Independence is often referred to as the first armed conflict that established the independence of a modern nation state. Punctured with instances of both atrocity and heroism, the conflict birthed a new pantheon of heroes for a modern Greece.

Join us in this tour of The Spirit of Byron exhibition to meet the heroes of the Greek War of Independence, such as klepht leader Theodoros Kolokotrones and female naval commander Laskarina Bouboulina, operating in the mountainous and marine theatres of war; diplomatic heroes like Alexandros Maurokordatos and Ioannis Kapodistrias, whose efforts led to the formation of a Greek government; and figures of the Greek Enlightenment such as the revolutionary thinker Rigas Feraios and Kira Frosini, who ran salons where the spirit and culture of revolution was stoked.

While many of these individuals were compared to ancient Greek heroes like Hector and Achilles, what kind of heroes and anti-heroes did revolution demand? Join us to unpack the nature of national heroism and the actions and values that formed the modern Greek state and psyche.




50 minutes

25 people

$17pp general
$15pp concession

Suitable for

This tour is suitable for adults who are studying or interested in Greek and/or Modern History.

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