Philosophy to Scripture

Platonic Influence on Christian Thought

In partnership with the Platonic Academy of Melbourne, the Hellenic Museum will be hosting the lecture "Philosophy to Scripture: Platonic Influence on Christian Thought". 

Platonism played an important role in the development of early Christianity and is essential to a deep understanding of the Christian theological tradition. Join the Hellenic Museum and Bernie Lewin, from the Platonic Academy of Melbourne, for a fascinating lecture that explores the multifaceted relationship between Platonism and Christianity, from the emergence of Hellenic Judaism to the Platonic revival during the Renaissance.

Saturday 19th June 2021

Hellenic Museum, 280 William Street, Melbourne 3000

11am - 12pm: Lecture

12pm - 12:30pm: Coffee & question time 

$15 p.p (includes entry to the Museum)


About the presenter:

Bernie Lewin is a co-founder and Academic Director of the Platonic Academy of Melbourne. Bernie has published widely in the history of science, including articles on the Platonic foundations of mathematics and a historical introduction to Platonic science.