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  • Amphora

    Having developed a surface texture that is both robust and as kind as possible to nature, Iggy & Lou Lou use the highest quality locally sourced clay. An ode to the natural treasures found in ocean depths, these unique shell like textures are hand made & individual to every piece in their collection.


    Approx 30H x 24W x11D


    Some foods and oils can stain so prompt hand washing recommended and ensure piece is completely dry before re-use. Not to be used for consumable liquids



    Working within a small team from a seaside studio, Iggy & Lou Lou, established in 2003 by Australian artist Irene Grishin-Selzer, is informed by a deep respect for traditional making processes. Each piece is made by hand with a commitment to a minimal environmental footprint and a devotion to creating handmade, beloved ceramics that last a lifetime. 

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