Athena was the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, mathematics, strength, war strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill in ancient Greek religion and mythology. Minerva is the Roman goddess identified with Athena. Athena was known for her calm temperament and was noted to have only fought for just reasons, and would not fight without a purpose. Athena was portrayed as a shrewd companion of heroes and was also the patron goddess of heroic endeavour. She was the virgin patroness of Athens. The Athenians founded the Parthenon on the Acropolis of her namesake city, Athens (Athena Parthenos), in her honour.


Cast Alabaster statues are made from a composite material in which natural crushed Greek Alabaster stone is mixed with a small quantity of resin that works as a glue. Alabaster was very widely used for small sculpture for indoor use in the ancient world, especially in Ancient Greece, Egypt and Mesopotamia. The mixture is then poured into a mold of the statue design. Because the powder is so fine the smallest details can be reproduced using this method. Over 90% of the finished sculpture is natural crushed Greek Alabaster stone, which gives it a look and feel of solid natural marble. All sculptures are finished by hand to ensure the finest quality. This strong material is water and weather resistant, doesn't have bubbles, will not crack, and can be washed with most cleaning agents.


Height: 15.5cm (6.1 inch)

Width: 5cm (2 inch)

Weight: 0.3 grams