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Flying Dragon Wooden Automata Kit
  • Flying Dragon Wooden Automata Kit

    From Typhon (the most deadly monster of Greek mythology) to modern day dragons like Saphira and Smaug, these scaley winged beasts have long captured the imagination!


    This dragon builder kit is easy to make, fun to paint, and brings the legendary dragon to life as an automaton – a cool, mechanical toy dating back to ancient times. Turn the crankshaft and the assembled dragon body moves forward and back, while the wings flap, the legs move up and down, and the neck, tail and head move in a graceful motion.


    This Pathfinders builder kit is designed to help kids explore the principles of mechanics, gain hands-on model making skills, and celebrate the wild spirit of the dragon!


    • Easy for beginner model makers to construct in 1-2 hours
    • Made with natural, untreated wood and plywood from sustainable forests
    • All pieces are pre-cut and ready to go, only a ruler and scissors are required
    • Assembled size H42 x W37 x D37 cm
    • Recommended for ages 8+
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