Greek Shipping Pack

Greek Shipping Pack

This pack is the perfect gift for the historic maritime enthusiast in your life  - or simply for yourself!


The pack includes: 

1. Beautifuly presented hardcover book detailing the first three milennia of Hellenic ship-building and seafaring.

Greek and English language.

158 pages.


2. A collection of 6 signed and numbered silkscreen prints of recreated ancient Greek ships, enclosed in their own hard fabric-covered box. 


3. A plaster tablet and easel with a depiction of a boat found on a fresco in Bronze Age Thera, 10x14cm. 


These items accompanied an earlier exhibition at the Hellenic Museum, 'Journey on the Waves of History', which included miniature replicas of ancient Greek ships by Evangelos Gryptiotis. It is these replica ships that are presented in the book, prints and on the tablet.