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The Architect Kleon Krantonellis

The Architect Kleon Krantonellis

Benaki Museum 2009. Brand new. Bilingual (Greek-English) edition. Soft cover, 21 cm, 181 pp., 200 pictures and drawings.


This publication is a monograph on the oeuvre of architect Cleon Krantonellis. It includes vintage designs and photographs, mainly from the architect’s archive, which was donated to the Benaki Museum by his wife Alex Vokotopoulou-Krantonelli. Cleon Krantonellis studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens, from which he graduated as valedictorian in 1935. His most renowned works include the Amphitryonas Guest House in Nafplion, the Public Power Corporation building in Athens, and his private residence in Plaka. Although indubitably one of the major Greek architects, he never sought promotion and to date his work isn’t particularly well known. Despite this, his works are included in all the textbooks on Post-War Neohellenic Architecture.

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