Vasilissa Wild Forest Honey with Greek Red Saffron

Vasilissa Wild Forest Honey with Greek Red Saffron

This is the finest wild forest heather and herbs honey with Greek red saffron that has been produced at the island of Evia, in the Aegean, by Stayia farm. They are a small family apiary that are committed to their natural and organic apiculture and produce raw honeys free from chemicals, additives, sugars or preservative processes.


"Vasilissa" means Queen in Greek, and this is certainly a luxurious quality honey for those who seek discerning flavours. Its soft texture, delicate sweet palette and the distinct flavour of fragrant Greek red saffron create an exceptional combination that owes its high quality to the rich and complex wild flora in the mountains of Evia in Greece. This is a superior raw honey full of nutritional and medicinal benefits, such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties!


Enjoy it in your hot drinks for extra fragrance, in baking/cooking, as a marinade for meat and poultry or as a great gourmet gift for the cooks and foodies in your life!


Awards: Won the highest award, 3 stars at Great Taste Awards 2018 in London!

Weight: 250gr
Ingredients: 100% natural raw Greek honey and Greek red saffron without heat treatment.