Join us once again for Summer Cinema this coming February for a great new line-up of movies! Enjoy live music and a classic film each Saturday evening in the Hellenic Museum’s private courtyard. Come early and try delicious food and drinks from Grounds of Arcadia, Greek-inspired popcorn, ice creams and more. Seating is provided and screenings begin at sunset. 




Join the film’s director (and museum CEO) John Tatoulis for a personal insight into the making of the film which was a huge Box Office hit in Greece in 2000.


When a dark and distant family secret is uncovered in Greece, tradition demands revenge and Manos (Lakis Lazopoulos), an easy-going school teacher, is sent to Australia to settle the feud. Manos, however, is more interested in reuniting with his long-lost love, Nicki (Zoe Carides), than in shooting guns. Luckily, his twin brother George, desperate to avenge the family name, secretly tags along. The family secrets are not as secret as they thought though, but when there’s a score to settle, you should always Beware of Greeks Bearing Guns! 


Released in 2003, A Touch of Spice enjoys the record of most tickets sold for a Geek film in Greek cinema history. It follows the story of Fanis (Georges Corraface) and his childhood memories of growing up in Istanbul where his grandfather (Tassos Bandis), a culinary philosopher and mentor, taught him that both food and life require spice to give them flavour. Now a professor of astrophysics and astronomy in Athens, Fanis finally returns to his birthplace of Istanbul to reunite with his now-ill grandfather. While there, he reflects on his life and realizes that, despite the lessons, he forgot to add a touch of spice to his own life. 


Academy Award winning anti-war comedy-drama, Mediterraneo follows a group of inept Italian soldiers sent to invade the seemingly deserted Greek island of Kastellorizo during WW2. Stranded after their ship is sunk, and forgotten by the Italian military, they realize that the island’s citizens had merely gone into hiding after the Germans had taken their men. Charmed by the locals and the island’s beauty, the soldiers begin to forget about the war as they decide to live their lives in blissful ignorance. 

KISS THE GIRLS - Κορίτσια για φίλημα

In this light-hearted musical Rena (Rena Vlachopoulou), a Greek travel agent in NYC, decides to take a trip to her homeland accompanied by her beautiful young niece, Jenny (Zoi Laskari), and a wealthy admirer, Jim Papas. Rena travels to the sun-kissed island of Rhodes where the women meet Andreas and his friend Kostas, who engage in an innocent game of double impersonation to get the girls' attention. However, things soon get complicated when Andreas’ burgeoning love affair is derailed by his ex-girlfriend Martha. Will both friends find true love?


Rembetiko is a passionate exploration of rebetika music - a form of urban blues expressing the history and depth of Greek culture that arose from a period of turmoil. Based on the life of one of Greece’s most popular rebetiko singers, Marika Ninou (Sotiria Leonardou), the film charts her professional success and personal disasters, mirroring the music’s style and depicting the key moments in Greece’s history that shadowed her rise as a singer. 


What should I wear/bring?

As an outdoor event Summer Cinema is subject to weather. We try to go ahead with screenings wherever possible, and do not cancel for light/intermittent/potential rain. We strongly recommend you bring wet weather gear (no umbrellas) to screenings in case of rain and warm clothes if cool weather is forecast.

What time do the gates open and films start?

Gates open at 6pm. Films begin at sunset - usually around 8-8:30pm

What are the seating arrangements?

Seating is provided so there is no need to bring a chair. Seating is not allocated so be sure to arrive early to secure your preferred spot.

Can I BYO?

No. A delicious range of snacks, light meals and hot and cold beverages are available for purchase before and during the event.

Can I purchase tickets at the door?

In the event that the tickes are not sold out online they will be availbe for puchase at the door. Please check in advance if there are tickets available as we can not oversell for safety reasons.



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