The Hellenic Museum's   second annual Summer School. Join us for a new series of short courses looking at the ancient Greek world over one week in January. Classes are informative, relaxed and entertaining, and anyone is welcome. No prior knowledge required!

The Minoans and Mycenaeans

Before the ancient Greeks, the Minoans and Mycenaeans flourished on the Greek mainland and islands. They built spectacular palaces, created vibrant art and traded with the great powers of the Mediterranean. Memories of their wealth and deeds became legends in Greek mythology. Their palaces and art today fascinate tourists and archaeologists alike. This course will examine the rise and fall of these cultures, the remains they left behind and what we know about people’s lives.

Session 1: The Rise of the Minoans

Session 2: At Home with the Minoans

Session 3: The Mycenaeans

Session 4: Politics, Trade and Social Organisation

Session 5: The Collapse of Mycenaean Civilisation

5 x 1 hour sessions

WHEN:   7th -11th January 2019

TIME:       9:30 -10:30 am each day

WHERE:  280 William St. Melbourne, 3000

COST:     $150 full, $120 concession

Cities of the Greek and Roman World

This course looks at the architecture and art of the Greek and Roman world by exploring some the most famous and fascinating ancient cities. At each site, we explore what remains, what used to be and how the city was affected by its historic context. Ideal for people wanting to understand the development of architecture and art from Greece to Rome to Byzantium, for people wanting to know a bit more about life in antiquity or for the armchair traveller.

Session 1: Athens at the Height of its Power and Glory

Session 2: The Hellenistic Cities of Asia Minor – Priene and Pergamon

Session 3: The Beauty of Pompeii

Session 4: The Ostentation of Rome

Session 5: Constantinople, the New Rome

5 x 1 hour sessions

WHEN:   7th -11th January 2019  

TIME:      11:00am -12:00 pm each day

WHERE:  280 William St. Melbourne, 3000

COST:     $150 full, $120 concession

Ancient Greek Religion

In this course, we look at the beliefs and practices of Greek religion. We answer questions like: What went on at the Parthenon? What was its purpose? How did the Greeks’ myths fit into a religion? How were events like the theatre and the Olympics part of religion? Understanding a society’s religion is a great way to understand what was most important to it, and ancient Greek religion is fascinatingly different to modern Western religions.

Session 1: The Basic Elements of Greek Religion – Gods, Prayers and Sacrifices

Session 2: Temples and Sanctuaries

Session 3: Festivals – the Theatre, the Olympics, the Panathenaea and Rites of Passage

Session 4: Magic and Prophecy – Manipulating the World and Telling the Future

Session 5: Dealing with Death – Eleusinian Mysteries, Pythagoreans and Orphics

5 x 1 hour sessions

WHEN:   7th -11th January 2019  

TIME:     1:00 - 2:00 pm each day

WHERE: 280 William St. Melbourne, 3000

COST:     $150 full, $120 concession

How to Argue Like Socrates

How to Argue Like Socrates is a practical course that develops your ability to argue effectively. Based on the techniques of Socrates, one of the greatest arguers of all time, this course mixes theory and practice. We’ll look at passages from Plato’s dialogues to understand what questions to ask and what mistakes people often make, but we’ll also put the principles into practice with in-class dialogues. The Socratic method is a powerful tool for learning about other people and yourself and for getting at the reasons for disagreements. It even forms the basis for some modern teaching practices. Course materials will be provided. Just bring along your curiosity and a willingness to argue.

Session 1: The Theory Behind Socratic Argument

Session 2: Definition – Why It’s Important and How to Get It Right

Session 3: How to Find Contradictions

Session 4: Being Constructive – Using Socratic Argument to Persuade People

Session 5: Bringing It All Together

5 x 1.5 hour sessions

WHEN:   7th -11th January 2019  

TIME:     2:30 - 4:00 pm each day

WHERE: 280 William St. Melbourne, 3000

COST:     $180 full, $150 concession

About the Presenter

Dr Christopher Gribbin is a public historian, specialising in ancient Greece and Rome. He has a particular interest in understanding how people make sense of the world, whether through religion, philosophy, myth, art or architecture.

He has taught at Melbourne, Monash and La Trobe universities. He founded the University of Melbourne’s popular Classics Summer School in 2002 and ran it for 15 years.

Christopher is actively involved in bringing classics to the community in a meaningful and entertaining way. He has worked on special events with the Hellenic Museum and Humanities 21 and regularly presents lectures to community groups, professional organisations and school groups. He also leads cultural tours to visit ancient sites with Australians Studying Abroad.

He is well regarded as a clear and enthusiastic teacher who loves to share his passion about the ancient world with the community. Find out more about Christopher.

For any queries, contact or call (03) 8615 9016. 



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