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Saturday 17 September



State Library of Victoria

via Entry 3 La Trobe St

Victim? Murderer? Feminist? You decide. Experience the trial of Medea, the infamous enchantress of Greek mythology who killed her sons as revenge against her unfaithful husband.

In this theatrical mock trial, guests will be immersed in the proceedings
as Medea and her husband Jason argue their cases supported by genuine barristers, in a trial overseen by prominent judges from Melbourne’s legal community.


The audience will help to determine Medea’s fate, as they take active part in ancient democracy – with a contemporary smartphone twist.

This one night only event has been developed by historical and legal experts in collaboration with the Hellenic Museum, based on the events
of the play by Euripides, to immerse you in an evocative tale of passion, politics and historical democracy that is not to be missed.

Who is Medea?

In Greek mythology, Medea is an enchantress who helped Jason, leader of the Argonauts to obtain the Golden Fleece from her father, King Aeëtes of Colchis. Jason and Medea marry, and together they flee Colchis to the city of Corinth.


But all is not well. After some time in Corinth, Jason abandons his wife in the hopes of marrying the daughter of Creon, King of Corinth. Enraged by her husband’s act of betrayal, after all that she sacrificed to be with him, Medea kills their two sons in a passionate act of revenge.


What happens next? Join us to find out.

Medea on her golden chariot by Germán Hernández Amores ca. 1887



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Medea — Carolyn Bock

Carolyn Bock is an Australian actress whose career has spanned national and international film, television, theatre and dance. She has appeared on Wentworth, OffspringNeighbours and Blue Heelers, performed in theatre with MTC, La Mama and Playbox, is co-artistic director of Shift Theatre and will appear in the upcoming feature film The Red Shoes: Next Steps. From 2016–18 she played the title role in a series of Medea stage shows, making her a seasoned enchantress.

Jason — Dino Marnika

Medea’s husband Jason, the leader of the Argonauts crew, will be played by Australian actor Dino Marnika. Dino’s career spans thirty years across film, television and stage, including TV roles on Neighbours and Stingers, feature film roles in Westgarth (2018), Boytown (2006) and Crackerjack (2002) as well as theatre roles with MTC, Australian Shakespeare Company and Playbox among others.

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Counsel for the Defence — Philip Dunn QC

Mr Philip Dunn QC is an experienced trial advocate with a career spanning forty years. As a trial lawyer he conducts defences in all types of criminal matters including murder, conspiracy, corporate and tax fraud, and drug and sex offences. He has appeared in many Royal Commissions, inquests and sports law matters, and high-profile cases, some of which have been dramatised – Underbelly, The Gary Ablett Story and Killing Time to name a few.

Counsel for the Prosecution — Elizabeth King

Ms Elizabeth (Liz) King is a public and administrative law and human rights barrister whose extensive career spans international criminal law, government law, human rights and equal opportunity. She currently teaches in Human Rights Theory and Trial Practice and Advocacy with Monash University. 


Judges Presiding

Her Honour Judge Fran Hogan

Her Honour Judge Fran Hogan is a senior judge of the County Court, Victoria’s main trial court. She was appointed to the Bench in 2021 after having practiced at the Victorian Bar for 20 years.


In her first 10 years as a barrister her practice involved work in criminal law and included periods in Central Australia representing First Nations clients. In her second decade at the Bar, she became the first female barrister to establish a successful practice in Common Law, appearing regularly in personal injury causes and jury trials, particularly medical negligence cases.


Following her appointment as a Judge, for some 15 years, Judge Hogan sat half of the year in the common law jurisdiction and the other half in the criminal jurisdiction. For the last 5 years she has presided exclusively over criminal cases.

Her Honour Judge Anne Hassan

Her Honour Judge Anne Hassan was admitted to legal practice in 2000 and signed the Victorian Bar roll in 2003. Judge Hassan was appointed a judge of the Country Court in October 2019 and has served as a Crown Prosecutor for the State of Victoria and an Associate to Justice Marilyn Warren. 

Her Honour Judge Nola Karapanagiotidis

Her Honour Judge Nola Karapanagiotidis is the first Greek woman appointed to the County Court of Victoria, a moment widely celebrated by the Greek community earlier this year. This appointment follows almost 20 years’ service as a Barrister practising in criminal law, human rights and refugee law, alongside various volunteer and community-based legal positions, notably the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Host – Jeff Richardson

Meet your host for the evening! Jeff is a founding member of The Coodabeen Champions currently heard on the ACE Radio Network; producer of ongoing theatrical project Homer Prepares; and a master moderator, regularly chairing panels for Humanities21. He has also worked across RMIT, Monash and Melbourne Universities, most recently as Principal of Medley Hall.


Author & Advisor — Dr Christopher Gribbin

The Trial of Medea could not take place without script author and historical advisor Dr Christopher Gribbin. Christopher holds a PhD in Classics, is an Adjunct Lecturer at La Trobe University, has taught the Hellenic Museum Summer School since 2018, and was the author and advisor of the Hellenic Museum's 2015 Retrial of Socrates. While he may not appear on stage, Chris has been instrumental to The Trial.


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The Hellenic Museum thanks host Jeff Richardson and legal professionals Mr Philip Dunn QC; Ms Elizabeth King; Her Honour Judge Anne Hassan SC; Her Honour Judge Nola Karapanagiotidis; and our third Judge, who have all generously given their time to this project. Our special thanks to Dr Christopher Gribbin, advisor and author of The Trial of Medea script, which is based on events of the play by Euripides as translated by Ian Johnston.