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VCE Art Workshop


This workshop brings to life the VCE Art Analytical Framework for students, encouraging them to develop visual literacy and language skills that will enable them to critically and creatively communicate ideas about aesthetic experiences, images and art objects. During the workshop students will have the opportunity to apply and discuss all areas of the Analytical Framework while exploring Hellenic Museum art collections ranging from pre-history through antiquity and to contemporary Greek art.  Through this process students will also gain an understanding about the origin of art elements, principles, technologies and philosophy in the ancient Hellenic world, which continues to define art theory today.


Hellenic Museum art collections communicate:

  • The importance of Hellenic influence in the foundation of Western Art including art elements and principles, and the continuing legacy of ancient Greece in contemporary art and culture.

  •  Evolution of Hellenic civilisation and the development and exchange of its culture, symbols, art and ideas among other Mediterranean societies such as Rome and Egypt and with Asia.

  • Concepts such as beauty, multiculturalism, gender, technology and innovation represented visually in artworks across the ages.

  • The role of art in a changing society and world

  • The connection between artists and community and museums/galleries


Led by the educator, students will be encouraged to work collectively and independently to investigate collections through the Structural, Personal, Cultural and Contemporary frameworks to gain deep insight into the place of art in cultural, historical and contemporary contexts. This investigation will support students to gain insight and inspiration to document their art observations and interests in their visual diaries and to inform their own art making process.

Upon request this workshop may be delivered in a series of workshop sessions focussing separately on each component of the VCE Art Analytical Framework in more detail.

Ideal for: VCE Art students | Year 7-10 Art students upon request
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes 
Delivery: On-site at the Hellenic Museum

Classroom capacity: 30 students

Cost: $16 per student