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VCE Art Workshop

Unit 3: Artworks, ideas and values 

In this companion workshop students will be supported to engage with Hellenic Museum exhibitions of ancient and modern art to explore how art is interpreted in diverse ways. Students will develop their abilities to examine and analyse their own and others’ opinions about artworks and use evidence to support different points of view. By analysing artworks and provided art history and criticism text excerpts, students will learn to appreciate the validity of diverse interpretations of the works on display. Students will explore diverse schools of art thought and theory alongside the canon of art historical and archaeological interpretation that has and continues to inform art making, interpretation and discourse. 

To expand these discussions, the workshop will encourage students to think about how to conduct research in a multidisciplinary arts field, to delve deeper into diverse arts interpretations and the social and philosophical context in which art is made. This will support students to develop their interest and ability to undertake detailed investigations about art /art objects and perspectives to inform their own artistic viewpoints and making. 

The workshop will draw on methods and trends of research undertaken by staff at the Hellenic Museum and introduce students to national and global frameworks of arts research. We will examine not only how and why arts industry specialists conduct detailed research into the art of the past and present and ways that people have understood it, but also how and why artists become researchers during their creative journeys. 

Through this unique workshop students will explore how they can harness their investigative skills to inform their own art making.

Ideal for: VCE Art Students Units 1-4
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes 
Delivery: On-site at the Hellenic Museum

Classroom capacity: 30 students 

Cost: $16 per student