VCE Art Workshop

Unit 2: Artworks and contemporary culture 

During this workshop students will work collectively and independently to interpret collections and learn to compare artworks from different cultures and periods at the Hellenic Museum. 

This session will focus on juxtaposing contemporary Hellenic-inspired art created by photographer Bill Henson, hyper realist sculptor Sam Jinx and graffiti artists PichiAvo with the ancient artefacts they draw on and re-invent. Students will investigate; 1) How art reflects values and traditions of societies, 2) the impact of changing societies on artistic practice, 3) contemporary materials, techniques, ideas and approaches to making and presenting artworks, and 4) how contemporary artists draw on diverse sources of inspiration, ideas and historical periods to comment on questions of identity, memory, culture, gender, storytelling and innovation in the past and now. 

Students will be guided to apply the Cultural and Contemporary Framework while exploring Hellenic Museum art collections and observing how contemporary artists push the boundaries of form, function and medium to develop alternative approaches to making and presenting art in contemporary and historical contexts.

Ideal for: VCE Art Students Units 1-4
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes 
Delivery: On-site at the Hellenic Museum

Classroom capacity: 30 students 

Cost: $16 per student