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The Hellenic Museum offers a broad range of curriculum-aligned education workshops for students studying VCE ART (Unit 3-4).

The Hellenic Museum VCE Art Workshops Program is designed to immerse students in the art world, from antiquity to contemporary realities, and position students as innovative art thinkers and makers. Workshops are aligned with the content knowledge and skills outlined in the VCE Art Study Design (2017– 2022) Units 1–4.
This engaging and challenging program connects students to Hellenic Museum’s friendly network of curators and archaeologists – and to the museum’s collections of artefacts and contemporary art spanning over 8,000 years of Greek history, fine arts and archaeology. 

The Museum is uniquely positioned as one of the few boutique cultural institutions in Victoria that can engage students with universal concepts of art, art theory & history, artistic practice and philosophy from antiquity to the present, on a local and global scale.  
All workshops inform students’ theoretical and practical arts investigations and practice.

Explore our VCE Art Workshops below.


ANATOMY OF A MUSEUM: Art industry contexts & career opportunities 

Students will discover the museum and art gallery as a microcosm of the arts industry and site of aesthetic cultural encounters and discourse. Exploring Hellenic Museum ‘back of house operations’, art partnerships and the contemporary environment that art is produced and exhibited in, this workshop will encourage students to see themselves within the arts industry and stimulate student’s studio practice.


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TRAIN YOUR EYE: VCE Art Analytical Framework

Students will develop visual literacy skills by applying the Art Analytical Framework as they explore Hellenic Museum collections of ancient to contemporary works. Students will also gain insight into the origin of art elements, principles, technologies and philosophy in the ancient Hellenic world, which continues to define art practice and theory today. 



The Hellenic Museum VCE Art Yearly Companion is a unique series of workshops that scaffolds artistic literacy, understanding, excellence and talent throughout student’s VCE Art learning journey across Units 1-4. Each Companion workshop links directly to the Area of Study outcomes from Units 1-4. The series supports and inspires students to develop, apply and expand requisite knowledge and skills to become confident art thinkers and makers.


Unit 1: Artworks, experience & meaning 

Students apply and discuss the Structural and Personal Framework while exploring Hellenic Museum art collections, from Classical to contemporary Greek art and Hellenic inspired art. Students will develop visual language skills to communicate critically and creatively about aesthetic experiences, images and art objects.


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Unit 2: Artworks & contemporary culture  

Students will learn how to compare contemporary Hellenic-inspired art with ancient works to investigate; the impact of changing societies on artistic practice, contemporary ideas and approaches to making and presenting artworks, and how contemporary artists push the boundaries of form, function and medium to make powerful aesthetic statements.



Unit 3: Artworks, ideas & values

Students will engage with Hellenic Museum exhibitions of ancient and modern art to explore their own and others’ opinions about artworks, using evidence to support different points of view. Making investigations of works and related art criticism and art historical text excerpts, students discover diverse schools of art thought and interpretation.