Discover the incredible stories that ancient Greek red and black figure pottery can tell!

This workshop is designed for students to experience ancient Greek history through mythological, symbolic and daily through life vase imagery. By actively engaging with original and replica Greek vases (from Neolithic to Black and Red figure vases), students will be encouraged to decode and read the iconography of ancient gods, heroes, monsters and mortals. Students will also explore the production, aesthetics, form, function and important role of ceramics in the everyday lives of ancient Greeks. Through this inquiry we will unlock ancientGreek culture, values, innovation and economy. 

 Participants will be encouraged to use their senses, such as touch and sight, to interpret the artefacts and their socio-historical significance. The workshop will challenge students’ visual literacy skills, spur group discussion and critical historical inquiry.

Looking critically at pottery, students work individually and in groups to: 

  • Explore the aesthetics, form & function of ceramics in the life of ancient Greeks. 

  • Learn about red and black figure pottery techniques.

  • Students will be shown how to decode and read the iconography on pottery. 

  • Critically explore the place of ceramics in the Archaeological record.  

Vital Vases Program Description

Vital Vases Curriculum Links 

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Cost: $15 Per student 

Minimum: 10 children



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