The Hellenic Museum’s exhibition Yiayia puts the spotlight on the wide range of roles that grandmothers play within the Greek family and community. 

Sunday 6 May- 31 July 2018



Part of the Multicultural Museums Victoria ‘Grandmothers’ project

Story-tellers, nurturers, educators: grandmothers play a great many roles within the Greek community. And yet, we barely hear a whisper from these important women in mainstream Greek history, literature and art. The Hellenic Museum’s exhibition Yiayia aims to give voice to these women and their stories. Yiayia will chronicle the stages of women’s lives, from childhood, to adulthood, to grandmotherhood and older age. In this way, we will celebrate the extraordinary stories of Greek women. We will lay a particular emphasis on women’s role in perpetuating cultural knowledge and traditions, through the channels of language, religion, craft and cookery.

To celebrate the launch the Museum is holding a free open day on Sunday May 6th with free entry to the exhibition and free workshops suitable for kids and adults.


Through five extraordinary exhibitions and accompanying events programs, the inaugural Multicultural Museums Victoria 'Grandmothers' project celebrates the accomplishments, wisdom and the fundamental familial role of the grandmother in Chinese, Greek, Jewish, Muslim and Italian communities.


The ‘Grandmothers’ project pays tribute to this diverse group of women who, as custodians of culture and tradition, pass on their knowledge, culture and history from generation to generation. Through striking portraits and artworks, recipes and flavours, tales of war, survival and migration, language,  religious texts and traditional objects, each exhibition positions the grandmother at the forefront of family and community history. They provide new inspiring ways of telling the stories of grandmothers, whose voices have been silenced or absent from historical narratives. 


‘Grandmothers’ is a joyful multicultural collaboration, bringing different communities together in love and respect for these great matriarchs. 


 In an Australian first, the Chinese Museum, Co.As.It Italian Historical Society & Museo Italiano, Hellenic Museum, Islamic Museum of Australia and Jewish Museum of Australia, have joined together in a unique alliance. Multicultural Museums Victoria amplifies the cultural, social and economic impact each museum already delivers for its visitors and the community. 

Both locally and internationally, Multicultural Museums Victoria is a unique example of multiple ethno-specific museums collaborating to share their heritage, culture, art and experience. The Multicultural Museums Victoria concept, which embodies diversity, facilitates dialogue and encourages knowledge and understanding of all cultures, is timely. MMV reflects the best of Melbourne: creativity, boldness, diversity, collaboration, innovation and inclusiveness. 

Multicultural Museums Victoria is proud to have Gandel Philanthropy, one of the largest private family foundations, coming on board as the Principal Partner, supporting the ‘Grandmothers’ Project exhibitions across all five museums.


Image Credit: Elli Bardas

 Principal Partner – MMV Grandmothers Project



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