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Vassilis Tsabropoulos & Nektaria Karantzi in concert

7PM Sunday 16 October 2022

In an Australian exclusive, the Hellenic Museum brings celebrated Greek musicians Vassilis Tsabropoulos and Nektaria Karantzi to Melbourne for a one night only live performance titled Between East and West


Vassilis Tsabropoulos is a virtuoso pianist, composer and conductor. Nektaria Karantzi is a highly gifted vocalist known for sacred and Byzantine music. Together, they are an inspired musical marriage that results in a transfixing on-stage dialogue between Western musical culture and Eastern tradition.


Off the back of a successful European tour of their album Eleison, they will travel from Greece and fill the Hellenic Museum's enchanting courtyard with mesmerising grand piano and voice, in a two hour live performance under the stars. This performance will be supported by the Holy Trinity Brunswick – Serbian Orthodox Church Choir.


Do not miss this rare opportunity to hear these gifted international artists on Australian shores.

Vassilis & Nektaria perform
Between East and West at the
2019 Ravenna's Festival, Chiostro
della Biblioteca Classense

Much like in this video from the 2019 Ravenna's Festival in Chiostro della Biblioteca Classense, Between East and West at the Hellenic Museum will be hosted at twilight in the Museum's leafy and enchanting courtyard.

Video courtesy of Nektaria Karantzi


with Nektaria Karantzi

6.30PM Monday 17 October 2022

A rare opportunity presents itself to learn from the world-leading vocalist, Byzantine Music professor and founder of the Worldwide Association of Women in Byzantine Music, Nektaria Karantzi.

Nektaria has run masterclasses at some of Europe’s most prestigious educational and music centres including the Liszt Academy of Hungary, the Sorbonne University in France and the University of Oviedo in Spain.


In an Australian first, she now brings her Byzantine Ecclesiastical Music Masterclass exclusively to Melbourne’s Hellenic Museum. The three-hour Masterclass has been designed by Nektaria Karantzi to maximise learning for students of all abilities; from curious beginners to advanced Byzantine chanters.

Thank you to the contributors who have helped to make this event possible

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