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At the Hellenic Museum we believe in lifelong learning. Our Education Program is designed to engage and inspire learners of all ages through on-site experiences and digital resources.


Our on-site programs are defined by an Object-Based Learning (OBL) approach, connecting students with the Hellenic Museum's artefacts to develop critical historical skills, make inspiring personal investigations, unpack historical and archaeological forms of inquiry, and lift history off the page.



When students take part in Hellenic Museum workshops, they don't just visit a museum or classroom. They enter a new world of thinking and problem solving where they can touch, wonder, innovate and explore.


Our workshops blend traditional classroom methods with exhibition immersion, virtual reality, artefacts and hands-on activities for holistic learning, across an array of subject areas and eras in Hellenic history.


The Hellenic Museum welcomes education groups of all levels for guided or self-guided tours. All education groups must book prior to visiting. For more information and to enquire, visit the Tours page.



Explore select artefacts from the Hellenic Museum collections online, through 3D photogrammetry reconstructions by Hellenic Museum staff and research assistants.


The Hellenic Museum invites all young brave hearts, their families and teachers to join the Argonauts Club and explore the ancient Greek world on sea and land with Captain Jason!


This guerilla education and cultural program delivers big ideas in bite sizes, bridging the gap between home and classroom for ages 5–13.

Through a monthly newsletter, blog and school holiday workshop series, young explorers can discover concepts in art, history, mythology, music, science, drama and geography in a snackable way; encouraging curiosity, creativity and a lifelong love of learning.



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