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Primary School Workshops

Explore Hellenic Museum education workshops designed for students in Primary Years 1–6, in line with the Victorian Curriculum F–10.

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Ancient Olympics: Let the Games Begin!

Students discover Olympic values and history by exploring ancient artefacts and modern Olympic torches, before competing in an ancient Pentathlon.

Magic & Medicine: The Origins of Medical Knowledge

Students discover the herbal medicine and magic that was used by ancient Greeks to ward off illness, and how the scientific field of medicine was invented.

Painted Statues: Lost Worlds of Colour

Students discover the colourful history of Greek painted statues, explore changing statue styles and colour their own fun statue design.

Education Tours

Discover flexible guided and self-guided tour options, or enquire about custom tours for your area of study.

Vital Vases: The Archaeology of Ancient Greek Ceramics

Students handle vases to discover what ceramics reveal about ancient Greek life, explore pottery styles and decode vase paintings.

Blood, Sweat and Spears: Ancient Warfare

Students handle ancient armour to learn about Greek warfare and create an ancient shield to re-enact the famous Phalanx formation.

Ancient Myths: Epic Worlds

Immersed in the epic world of ancient Greek myths, students will get to know the gods and monsters depicted in art, learn why myths were important and invent a myth of their own!

Discovering Daily Life in Ancient Greece

Students explore key features of life in ancient Greece such as mythology, the poleis, governance, civics, warfare, intercultural connections, trade, sickness and death.

Ancient Board Games: In the Minds of the Ancients

Students play ancient Greek, Egyptian and Chinese board games to discover what they reveal about ancient societies’ values, rituals and practices.

Pigments of the Past: How the Ancients Coloured Their World

Students discover how the first pigments and paints were created, from the Stone Age to ancient Greece, and experiment creating their own Greek or Egyptian egg tempera fresco.

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