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VCE Ancient Histories Workshops

Explore Hellenic Museum education workshops designed for students studying VCE Ancient Histories Unit 3–4, Areas of Study 1 & 2.

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Historia: Discover the Methods of Historians Through Time

Students investigate the origins of history as a field of study, how historical thinking has developed over time, and interrogate the historical and archaeological record.

A Woman's World: Gender, Sexuality & Status

Students engage with artefacts to explore the status, role and experiences of women in ancient Greece and discuss the ancient landscape of gender politics and sexuality.

Ancient Board Games: In the Minds of the Ancients

Students play ancient Greek, Egyptian and Chinese board games to discover what they reveal about ancient societies’ values, rituals and practices.

Vital Vases: The Archaeology of Ancient Greek Ceramics

Students handle vases to discover what ceramics reveal about ancient Greek life, explore pottery styles and decode vase paintings.

From the Mists of Time: Appearance, Progress and Fall of Civilisations

Students explore the origins, development and fall of civilisations, and how civilisation has been conceptualised by different historical perspectives.

Ancient Cultures: Greece and Rome

Students explore the cultural, political and economic intersection between Greece and Rome. Engaging with artefacts, students investigate the inheritance, power and limitations of the Western world.

Discovering Daily Life in Ancient Greece

Students explore key features of life in ancient Greece such as mythology, the poleis, governance, civics, warfare, intercultural connections, trade, sickness and death.

The Peloponnesian War: Part 1 & 2

This workshop contextualises the Peloponnesian War. In Part 1 students interpret ancient artefacts and texts to evaluate the causes of the War and key events. In Part 2 students use ancient rhetorical techniques to construct arguments about war policies and decisions made by key figures.

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