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The Peloponnesian War: Part 1 & 2

This workshop contextualises the Peloponnesian War, and introduces students to a nuanced investigation of this conflict. Students will gain insight into the ideas, people and actions that determined the nature, causes and consequences of the war.

In Part 1 students interpret ancient artefacts and texts to evaluate the causes of the War and key events. In Part 2 students use ancient rhetorical techniques to construct arguments about war policies and decisions made by key figures such as: Pericles, Alcibiades, Nicias, Lysander, Cleon and Brasidas.

Students explore the state of mind of pivotal individuals and make connections between the socio-political and economic undercurrents of the war.

Workshop Duration


Cost per Student

VCE Ancient History Study Design links

2 hours 15 minutes (incl. 25 minute break)

30 students


Unit 3–4 Area of Study 2 – Greece: People in power societies in crisis

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