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Ancient Showdown! Greece vs Rome
Ancient Showdown! Greece vs Rome

Ancient Showdown! Greece vs Rome

SOLD OUT | Who has left the more significant legacy in the modern world? Academics debate, you decide. A free event for National Archaeology Week.

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Event Information

19 May 2024, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

CO.AS.IT. Museo Italiano, 199 Faraday St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia


This event is now sold out.


In the contest between Greece and Rome, only one can be said to have most significantly defined our world today. Join us at the University of Melbourne for a debate in which we will explore the origins of our civilisation, how this legacy has been passed down from the ancient past, and the very reasons why we live the way we live. Our debaters are distinguished academics from Melbourne's leading institutions in classics and ancient history, and you will be our judges.

Team Rome:

  • Dan Zhao (University of Melbourne) is an alumnus of the University of Melbourne where he earned a Bachelors in Commerce and an MA in Classics. He is currently a PhD student in Classics at the University of Cambridge, where he is working on Roman socio-political history.
  • Dr Andrew Connor (Monash University) graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2015 with a PhD in Classics (Ancient History) and currently works as a Senior Lecturer in Ancient History at the Centre for Ancient Cultures at Monash University. His areas of interest are the Roman Empire and the Hellenistic world, and in particular Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt.

Team Greece:

  • Prof. Hyun Jin Kim (The University of Melbourne) is Professor in Classics in the discipline of Classics and Archaeology SHAPS, University of Melbourne. He is the author of numerous books on Greece, Rome and China comparative studies, Late Antiquity and International relations.
  • Gaetana Pellegrini (The University of Melbourne) was born in the picturesque Italian region of Puglia, once a prominent part of Magna Graecia. During her formative years in Italy, she immersed herself in the study of Latin and Ancient Greek, disciplines she now teaches. In addition to her linguistic pursuits, she nurtures a profound love for music and travel. It was this fervor that led her to choose Melbourne as her abode, a city where she continues to delve into new cultural experiences and destinations.


  • Professor Margaret Cameron (The University of Melbourne) is Head of School of Historical and Philosophical Studies in the Faculty of Arts. She is also a member of the Philosophy discipline. After completing the University of Toronto's Collaborative Programme in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, Margaret worked in New York City, Cambridge UK, and Victoria, British Columbia. At the University of Victoria, she held the position of Canada Research Council Chair in the Aristotelian tradition from 2008-2018.


This is a free event (booking required) held at CO.AS.IT. Museo Italiano, 199 Faraday Street, Carlton.

Part of a program to celebrate National Archaeology Week, co-presented by The University of Melbourne, Hellenic Museum and CO.AS.IT. Museo Italiano. Visit the program hub to explore other free events.

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