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Dining Traditions: A Byzantine Banquet
Dining Traditions: A Byzantine Banquet

Dining Traditions: A Byzantine Banquet

Celebrated Melbourne restaurant Epocha partners with the Hellenic Museum to bring you a five-course dining experience inspired by the Byzantine era.

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Event Information

15 Oct 2022, 7:00 pm

Hellenic Museum, 280 William St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


A gastronomic experience unlike any other, brought to you by the highly celebrated Melbourne restaurant Epocha in collaboration with the Hellenic Museum.

Dining Traditions: A Byzantine Banquet will transport you through time to the grandeur of the Byzantine Empire with a five-course historic feast and enchanting live music from a women's Byzantine choir.

This unique culinary experience is born out of a creative partnership between chef Petros Dellidis and partner Disa Dimitrakakis of celebrated Melbourne restaurant Epocha, and Hellenic Museum CEO and Head of Curation, Sarah Craig.

Led by Sarah's historical expertise, Petros, Disa and the Epocha team have transformed five traditional ingredients into tantalising courses that capture rich Byzantine history on the plate. Guests will witness this creative process firsthand as each course is briefly introduced with historical insight from Sarah, and an explanation of the culinary concept from Epocha.

The night is completed with a premium selection of wines and a stirring performance from the Psaltries Choir of Melbourne – Psaltria being a revival of an ancient term for female chanters. This women’s choir will be led by Nektaria Karantzi, globally acclaimed vocalist and icon of the contemporary Byzantine music community.

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