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A cornucopia of cinema, storytelling and feasting

The Hellenic Museum is proud to present Hellenic Arts Fest, a multi-disciplinary summer arts festival celebrating Greek culture, history and storytelling. 


Across two weekends in February, the Hellenic Museum’s inaugural arts festival will showcase the best of contemporary and classic Greek inspired cinema, storytelling, and the culinary arts in the Museum’s enchanting courtyard. 


Indulge in our mythical feast, try your hand at mixology, and watch the romantic cult comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding by moonlight.


It’s time to mark your calendars Hellenes and philhellenes. We can’t wait for you to be part of Hellenic Arts Fest 2022! Explore all events below.


5 – 13 February 2022


For the past 100 years, Greeks have enjoyed watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters and old classics under the stars. At Hellenic Arts Fest, we will be presenting two classic films for you to enjoy in the spirit of open air cinema in our leafy courtyard. While street food will no longer be offered during the film, popcorn, icecream and beverages will be available for you to purchase during screenings. So sit back, relax and enjoy and balmy summer's evening in the Museum courtyard. 


Doors open at 6:30pm

Screenings to start shortly after sunset (approx. 8:30pm)


Saturday 5 February – from 6:30pm 

In this crowd-pleasing culture-clash romantic comedy, 30 year old Toula Portokalos, a single Greek woman, falls in love with Ian Miller. He’s tall and handsome but definitely not a Greek man and their courtship is an Olympian culture clash. Can Ian handle Toula’s parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and several centuries of Greek heritage? One thing’s for sure — with Ian's proposal, they’re all headed for a big, fat Greek wedding.


A captivating comedy with a heart of gold, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a must-see for its sheer unbridled sense of fun. 


Run time: 1h 35m


(Γοργόνες και Μάγκες)

Saturday 12 February – from 6:30pm 

Mermaids and Rascals is a classic 1960s Greek-language comedy starring Mary Chronopoulou, the darling of Greece’s golden era of cinema. It is a theatrical adaptation of one of the most iconic and successful Greek musicals.

Petros and Flora, an Athenian race-car driver and actress respectively, are entrepreneurial competitors who both try to buy cheap land on a Greek island in the hopes that they can on-sell it to foreign investors. During their stay, a comedy of errors ensues before they each find true love.

This light-hearted film has references to ancient Greek tragedy and is presented with English subtitles. 

Run time: 1h 32m
Greek language with English subtitles 



Sunday 6 February – 1pm

Enjoy an afternoon at the Hellenic Museum creating cocktails with the mixologists from Fable Melbourne. Over the course of two hours, you’ll learn how to mix, shake and stir three different cocktails and explore the history and techniques of cocktail making. You’ll also hear tantalising tales from the Mediterranean while enjoying thoughtful Greek shareplates.


No prior mixology experience is needed.



Sunday 13 February – 5pm

Enjoy an evening in the Hellenic Museum’s enchanting courtyard and let us transport you back to the ancient world. Our Mythical Feast will invoke the spirit of ancient symposia, allowing you to experience Greek myths just like the ancients did. 


Guests will enjoy a luscious shared feast while listening to a bard tell a version of the myth of Atalanta – the famed huntress and slayer of the dreadful Calydonian Boar. Throughout history, the bard was a master of song, speech and professional storyteller. The feasting tables will be positioned in a crescent moon, reminiscent of a Greek Amphitheatre and the menu will take inspiration from the myth of Atalanta and ancient Greek recipes. 


This opulent and unique gastronomic experience will take you back to the age of heroes and bring Atalanta’s story to life through culinary wonder and delight.

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