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The Spirit of Byron | Exhibition Companion
  • The Spirit of Byron | Exhibition Companion

    The Spirit of Byron: Philhellenism and the Greek War of Independence exhibition features a curated selection of works on paper from the Robertson Collection, tracing the politicised Philhellene movement prior to the outbreak of the revolt, its progress through the course and conclusion of the conflict, and Byron’s leading and guiding spirit throughout.


    Accompanying the exhibition is this 160-page catalogue, featuring a series of original essays from the exhibition curator and respected international academics including Dr Spiridoula Demetriou, Dr Alexander Grammatikos, Professor Clara Tuite and Dr John Robertson. These expert insights carry readers on a compelling journey through the exhibition narrative and beyond, exploring the topics of Byron, Philhellenism, the Greek Revolution and their enduring connection to one another.


    These histories are brought to life by over 140 full-colour reproductions of seminal works from The Robertson Collection, including those on display in the exhibition, and a selection of additional contextual works exclusive to the companion.

    This treasure trove of history, artistry and storytelling is all encased in a beautiful clothbound hardcover volume with gold foil details, that honours its roots at every turn. Printed in a strictly limited run of 500 copies.


    • Published 2024 © Hellenic Museum
    • ISBN 978-0-9944196-4-4
    • 160-page clothbound hardcover with gold foil details
    • Measures 21.5 x 25.5 cm
    • Contains original essays from Dr John Robertson, Dr Alexander Grammatikos, Dr Spiridoula Demetriou, Professor Clara Tuite and Sara Prica; 140 full-colour images of works from The Robertson Collection; map of the Ottoman Balkans c. 1820; timeline of Lord Byron's life and works; timeline of key events in the Greek War of Indepenence; and select further readings.
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