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Nikolaos Tombazis India-Greece
  • Nikolaos Tombazis India-Greece

    This book attempts a retrospective view of Tombazis’ work from the beginning of his artistic career in India (1917-1945), in which he used his camera to record inaccessible peaks of the Himalayas and monuments of the Indian subcontinent. The second part of the book contains a similar number of photographs from Greece (1946-1970), which focus on the island and mainland landscape, the people of the countryside and their occupations, the antiquities and excavations, and the architecture and life on Mount Athos. At the same time, both his shots from trips to Europe and snapshots – taken with humour – from his social and family environment, depict the life of this cosmopolitan photographer. The authors of the book divide Tombazis’ work into his “Indian” period, the so-called “exploratory” photography of the early decades of the 20th century, and his “Greek” period (commissions from archaeologists, art critics and the Hellenic Tourism Organisation) and correlate this work with the “archaeological” and “tourist” photography of the age. The book also contains a text about photographic techniques and Tombazis’ camera, as well as a detailed chronology and list of his works.



    285 pages

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