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Tales from the Greek
  • Tales from the Greek

    Tales from the Greek - by John Hughes; art by Marco Luccio


    Designed and printed in Australia.
    400+ pages printed on 145gsm paper with hard-cover and dust jacket that features over 200 artworks.

    Hughes incorporates versions of Sophocles’ Philoctetes, a classic triangle of trust and deceit, and Antigone, which reverses time’s arrow so that the protagonist’s life unfolds like a film running in reverse to explore the paradoxical implications of living in a family that has been cursed, as well as Aeschylus’ Oresteia, Euripides’ Hecuba, and evocative new renderings of Daedalus and Icarus, Sisyphus, and Achilles. 


    In response to the stories, Luccio’s series of artworks are both dramatic and gritty. Using a variety of mediums, he has been able to produce a collection of works that help bring the text to life in a rich and distinguished way. The stories require no prior knowledge of the myths on which they are based, but will appeal to readers who know and enjoy Greek myth and take pleasure in seeing how these timeless stories can be recast and reshaped into creative new forms.


    With Tales from the Greek, Luccio’s artworks are instantly confronting, causing prompt reaction and attention from the spectator. When drypoint has been the chosen medium, Luccio’s signature style has shaped his visual interpretation into sensational yet striking artworks. Further, when Luccio has employed charcoal within the artworks, they are bursting with classical and sculptural chiaroscuro allowing him to capture Hughes’ dramatic emotive content.  Beyond the tense beauty of Luccio’s artworks, the thoughtful spectator will be generously rewarded by their association to the ancient Greek myths explored by Hughes.  

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