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A responsive theatre experience by Medusa RPG x Hellenic Museum

Two nights only | 6–10PM Friday 5 & Saturday 13 July

Do you have what it takes to join a secret society and meddle in the affairs of the gods? The Medusa Society is recruiting initiates and preparing to perform a ritual that will dissolve the boundary between worlds, in the hopes of stealing the secrets of immortality!

Little do they know their ritual has interfered with an argument between Hades, ruler of the underworld and his wife, Persephone, who is bound to his dreary domain for six months of every year. As winter approaches, Hades has grown lonely and impatient for her impending return, but Persephone is hesitant to leave her family and wishes that she could once again live in the sweet, eternal summer of Olympus.

With the boundary between mortal and immortal worlds blurred, initiates will have four hours to resolve this crisis between Hades and Persephone, while helping the Society to uncover the secrets of life, death and immortality.


Are you ready to join the Medusa Society? Book your tickets below.

More information

Event details

  • 6–10PM Friday 5 July & Saturday 13 July

  • Black tie dress code

  • All ages event (minors must be accompanied by an adult)

  • Food and drinks will be available to purchase

The experience

Mysterion is a responsive theatre experience where guests will create a shared narrative through interactive ‘choose your own adventure’-style storytelling. On the night, participants will be divided into one of two factions, receive ability cards and a mask, then initiated into the Medusa Society in an opening ritual.

You’ll then be free to roam the Hellenic Museum, which will be transformed into a tactile, underworld-inspired environment for the night. Explore the galleries where you'll encounter different figures from ancient Greek myth and history; embark on quests; take part in puzzles, riddles and games to unlock deeper storylines; and interact with your fellow initiates.


In the spirit of responsive theatre and to ensure the best possible experience for everyone, there are a few expectations: remain in character; act as your character would act; react appropriately to the drama; dress as your character would dress; respect others; and always follow any rules and instructions. The greater you invest in the fantasy, the more you’ll enjoy yourself — it’s that simple!

Do I need improv or LARP experience?

Not at all! Mysterion has been designed to suit all levels, and tiered so that you can tailor the extent of your experience by 'opting in' to a deeper level of experience through your choices during the event. The game mechanics will be explained at the start of the night, and Medusa leaders will be around if you need help.

To play is to win!

The outcome of the game matters much less than being ‘good to play with’ – by making your fellow players feel special, embracing a “yes, and” attitude and respecting each other.

The Mysterion ethos

Mysterion combines the historical grounding of the Hellenic Museum with Medusa RPG’s expertise in creating engaging, interactive events. Historical knowledge has been woven into Mysterion's narrative, characters, sets and rituals with the goal of bringing the past into the present and encouraging people to learn about history and myth through play, emotion and imagination.


We're here to help! Ticket holders will receive more details in the lead up to the event, and you can always contact us.


Presented by Medusa RPG x Hellenic Museum

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