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Visitor Voices: Law and Freedom 3
Visitor Voices: Law and Freedom 3

Visitor Voices: Law and Freedom 3

Are we really free, living in societies where rules apply? A series of casual Socratic discussions explores topics around law and freedom in the ancient and modern worlds.

Event Information

20 July 2024, 12:40 pm – 1:55 pm

Hellenic Museum, 280 William St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia


Law and Freedom 3: Can we ever be free as people living in societies where rules apply?

The Western idea of a citizen living within a state, and therefore sharing in the benefits that the state offers, is founded on ancient Greek Stoic philosophy and Roman canon law. This system requires giving up certain personal freedoms to create the possibility for collective social and political order. During this symposium participants will have the chance to ponder, at what cost do we surrender personal freedoms to partake in society, and is it worth it? Perhaps we need to reassess the narrative and consider whether the governance of a state is more important than the rule of individuals. 

Special feature:

Exploration of parts of this symposium topic will be conducted through the Socratic Elenchus. This is a dialectical argumentative technique, involving questions and answers between the inquisitor (a teacher or host) and the interlocutor (the participant or student), to develop a better understanding of the topic. This method of interrogating a topic was employed by the Greek philosopher Socrates to question his students and fellow conversationalists, who were usually wealthy Athenian males. 


About Visitor Voices

The ancient Greeks were known for their love of getting together in a relaxed environment, breaking bread and arguing about philosophy, politics and the meaning of life. Inspired by these ancient symposia, Visitor Voices invites you to explore some of life's age-old questions from a modern perspective, in a casual group environment.

On the third Saturday of every month, Museum staff will guide participants through a Socratic-style discussion among a small group, unleashing your inner philosopher and creating a dialogue between institution and visitor. In 2024 we will explore four major themes – Conflict and Humanity, Law and Freedom, Childhood and Getting Social – with each theme explored over 2–3 sessions, and every session centred around a different question. There's no prior knowledge required, just a sense of curiosity!

Tickets include Museum general admission before or after the session. Please note, due to the discussion of mature themes, this program is recommended for ages 15 and older.

Next session: Sat 10 August – Childhood 1

To explore other themes and available sessions, see the Visitor Voices hub.


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