Kat and Yianna Velos of Golden Groves

We are thrilled to have recently added Golden Groves, Australia’s newest organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil brand to the Hellenic Museum Shop. An ode to Mediterranean living, Golden Groves brings its sun drenched, cold pressed, organic olive oil into Australian homes.

The small family business, founded by Greek-Australian sisters Katianna and Yianna Velos, shares their family's first-class oil from olives that have been grown and collected by their family for generations on Greece’s Mani Peninsula.

Legend says that it was on the small, rocky island of Kranai in Mani, that Paris of Troy spent his first night with his abducted lover, Helen of Sparta, the most beautiful woman in the world, a tryst that sparked the Trojan War…

We were lucky enough to speak with Katianna and Yianna ahead of the arrival of their delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Museum Shop. Sharing a love for food, travel and storytelling, the sisters discuss the origins of their Australian brand and it’s deep Greek roots that capture the art of living through food, family and friends.