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Hellenic Collections in Melbourne and Sydney:

Although far from the shores of the Mediterranean, Melbourne and Sydney are home to extensive collections of Greek Cultural heritage reflecting the long and varied histories and people of the Hellenic region. From ancient artefacts, to Byzantine icons, traditional dress and jewellery, early modern photographs and contemporary art works, the Hellenic Museum, Melbourne and the Chau Chak Wing Museum at the University of Sydney, offer windows through which to explore Greek history and culture.

In this talk CEO & Head of Curation Sarah Craig and Assistant Curator Candace Richards will take you on a virtual journey through the collections and exhibitions of these two Australian institutions. Together they will explore the legacy of Greece in Australia and share their insights on curating Hellenic collections in modern Australia.

If you missed out on watching Sarah and Candace live, you can watch a recording of their conversation below. We look forward to welcoming visitors in person to both the Hellenic Museum and Sydney's Chau Chak Wing Museum.


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