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Dionisis Fotopoulos: Scenographer

Dionisis Fotopoulos: Scenographer

The catalogue focuses on the sets designed by Dionysis Fotopoulos, presenting his work through designs, models, costumes and pieces of sets for performances, providing insight into the Greek artist’s work in Ancient Tragedy, contemporary theatre and film, in work he was commissioned to undertake in Greece and abroad.

The publication includes texts by: Costas Georgousopoulos, theatre critic and professor at the Department of Theatrical Studies at the University of Athens; George Banu, author and professor at the Université Paris III; Eleni Varopoulou, theatre critic; Bernd Sucher, theatre critic; Giorgio Ursini Ursic, author and theatre critic; and Yiorgos Heimonas, author and psychiatrist. These highlight the many faceted work done by the artist, major influences on his work and his personal aesthetic choices.
The publication has a foreword by Professor Angelos Delivorrias, Director of the Benaki Museum, and an introductory note by Mr. Evangelos Martigopoulos, Managing Director of COSMOTE, the sponsors.

The book was first published by the European Theatre Union in 2002, within the framework of the exhibition “Dionysis Fotopoulos, Set Designer”, which took place at Spoletto, Italy (29 June - 14 July 2002). It was re-issued in November 2005, on the occasion of the exhibition "The world of Dionysis Fotopulos" which was held at the Benaki Museum Pireos Street Annexe, in Athens (21 December 2005 - 19 March 2006).


Soft cover

199 pages

Dimesnions: 25.5 x 32

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